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Unable to facebook archive

Unable to facebook archive

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How do I archive a conversation on Facebook? I am trying to check my archived messages from m desktop browser but it keeps on loading without any display. however i am able to check them from my cell phone browser its working fine on cell phone but not on desktop browsers?. I get this error emailed to me every time I request to download my personal archive under "General account settings": We're sorry. Something went wrong a. How do I download a copy of my information on Facebook? Unable to download a copy of my FB data, every time i tried times to download archive data but each time i am getting 0KB archive data after download. I got option to archive and also received email from facebook.

Unable to download a copy of my FB data, nothing happens when i hit the archive button. i am talking about deleted messages, and i am trying to download archive messages from account settings. I archived the message on Messenger, as they had recently deactivated their account and it wouldn't let me message them, so I was told to archive then un-.

One of my private friend in-box messages I accidentally click archive on the action button & it the whole record of conversation disappear, how can I retr. I archived a message of a person who has deactivated their account, and now I can't access it or find it?? HELP! This makes me very sad - it just vanished. I want to retrieve a chat history of a friend since the beginning of friendship. Practically no one can scroll one year back. I came to know that I can ge. I downloaded my archive. I opened the file. When I go to the friends link to see my list of friends it says "There was an error loading the data for this. I archived some messages I now want to view again. One answer i found was to click 'more' next to other (once clicking on messages) and then 'view archive.

I accidently pressed archive on one of my friend's conversation and their name disappeared. I can see their name in my contacts and text them through ther. I successfully retrieved my deleted messages today, however; the message I needed was not there. I unfriended the person before I downloaded the deleted. 18 Jan If you're considering closing your Facebook account and leaving the service, you should store on your computer copies of the photos, videos. Open Facebook Messenger, type in the name of a person whose conversation you archived, and send them a new message. Did this summary help you? Yes.

Facebook is one and only social media app which has all solutions inbuilt and also very easy to follow. To un archive any message just follow these steps: 1. 28 Feb This article will teach you how to archive and unarchive Facebook messages, and where yo find the archived messages and more. You can archive messages on Facebook to put them in a different folder, away from the main list of conversations. This helps organize your conversations. 8 Mar Facebook Critic Is Unable To Archive His Personal Data — Coincidence? A Facebook user who happens to be a "very vocal" critic of the social.